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welcome to travel india guide and information , My Name is Naveen Deswal 

I have been working as an Trip adviser  in India for the past 15 years. I live with family in delhi capital of india , i love to traveling  and i am also youtuber , make videos for travel lover who want to visit india 


How I Got Started

After 15 year experience and visiting almost all states of my country ,  i fell that to share my experience  to travel lover who love travelling , adventure and religious place For visit . Then start a youtube channel with Name of Travel india guide and information to share my knowledge and experiences and its realy help full to other


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 India, The jewel in the crown of humanity, humility and tolerance, this land has given birth to religions, philosophies and sciences that are revered and practiced all around the world. The land of the Mahatma and the Buddha is also an expanse of great biodiversity and cultural profusion. Renowned for its hospitality.